Craft Beer Calling - Craft Beer Festival

Craft Beer Calling International Beer Festival 21-23 OCTOBER 2021

Live at Wylam brewery, Palace of arts, Exhibition park,  Newcastle upon tyne. 

What is Craft Beer Calling International Beer Festival?

Craft beer calling is an invitational beer festival where the breweries run their own bars, meaning you have access to a much wider selection of great beers than most festivals. And it gives you the opportunity to talk the the amazing people that poured their heart and soul into their beers. 

Craft Beer Calling Festival

[This photo was taken prior to the social distancing regulations]

How long is the festival on for?

It lasts all weekend from the 27th-29th May 2021. 

What can I expect to see and more importantly taste?

The festival organisers have assembled some of the worlds leading craft breweries as well as a gin palace and a wine cellar. An Incredible street food market and great music. 

It is split into sessions. each session is 5 hours long and one hour of this is for the brewers panel discussion and q & a. After which they'll serve you the food and get the music going so you can enjoy your beers and the company of those at your table.

How do I get tickets?

Simply visit Ticketweb for tickets. 

Is it Covid safe?

Yes, each group will be socially distanced at super safe tables of 2-6.