Mumbles Brewery

You’ll never forget your first sip of a Mumbles Brewery beer

Established in 2011, Mumbles Brewery has dedicated itself to producing quality real ales with a local flavour. That ‘local flavour’ comes from the beautiful Swansea in Wales.

Their beers are only available in pubs throughout South Wales and Bristol, that is one of many reasons we chose them to be included in our boxes. We wanted you to be able to enjoy these excellent beers no matter where you are in the country.

Interesting fact : They use real Oysters in the production of their Oystermouth Stout.

Mumbles Brewery has a real talent for producing outstanding beers, with their very first batch of Mumbles Gold being the first beer to sell out at the Swansea CAMRA Annual Beer and Cider festival 2013.

Their selection of regular beers are Mumbles Gold, Mumbles Mile, Lifesaver, Oystermouth Stout (using real oysters supplied by Mumbles Oyster Co) and India Pale Ale. Every beer is distinctly unique, crafted from a diverse range of carefully chosen ingredients.