Our Story

We’re passionate about craft beer and the people who brew it.


The world of craft beer has exploded in recent years with small independent brewers popping up all across the country.

These expert brewers are brewing some truly exceptional beers with their regional quirks added to the beer, including local honey and even Oysters. The problem is that most of us still buy mass produced beer from the big supermarkets and these gems remain hidden in their local area. 

We believe that it shouldn't be hard to find these fantastic tasting beers from small, independently owned breweries. Everyone should be able to experience these exceptional beers no matter how far away these breweries are.

Small independent brewery

Feeling thirsty?

At WHITEBOX, we try every single beer we sell (and quite a few we don't) to ensure that you get ONLY the very best craft beer from around the country. Box it up and deliver it to your door.

Whitebox beer selection

Vegan or Gluten free?

If you are Vegan or Gluten free don't worry we've got you covered. Craft beer should be available to everyone who likes to drink responsibly but it can be difficult to find a tasty beer that is either Vegan, Gluten free or both. So we've worked with the same independent brewers to bring you a selection of beers to meet your nutritional needs.

Who are we

So who are we? We are two friends who got talking about our love of beer and how it's hard to find craft beer from independent breweries. As the chat continued the concept of WHITEBOX BEER was born.
Here was our short but clear plan: "Find the best craft beer from small, independent breweries that you can only buy in their local area and deliver those beers to the rest of the country. And do the same for snacks." 

Did someone say "Snacks"?

Yes, we didn't just want to bring you craft beer, we have also searched the country for (again) small, independent snack producers to compliment your beer. Because who doesn't like something to nibble on while they are enjoying their beer.

If you have any questions about any of our products, feel free to drop us a message below and we'll happily get back to you.